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             Mary Constance off Columbia.............                        and            ...........................off Galapagos (becalmed!!)

Mary Constance is a 42' Trintella cruising sloop built in 1982 by Anne Wever Ship Yard in Holland to a Van de Stadt design and Jos' has been closely connected with her since she was bought by her parents in 1983. For the last 23 years Mary Constance has lived at Port Gallice near Antibes in the South of France and is now travelling to her new home in Sydney, Australia.

Basic facts about Mary Constance

Length 42'

Beam 13'

Draft 6'6"

Hull GRP - Colour Black

Gross Tonnage - 13 Tonnes (Substantially more currently!!)

Net Tonnage - 9 Tonnes



Engine - Perkins Marine Diesel 63 hp with a sail drive transmission of unique design

Fuel - Diesel approx 350 ltrs in tanks and another 100 ltrs on deck giving us a range of about 800 nautical miles under engine

Rig - Masthead Sloop

Sails - Genoa (we fly two when going down wind), Main and MPS/Genaker

Berths - 3 doubles

Water Supply - Echotech Watermaker

Self Steering - Nico Autohelm System plus a modified Fleming wind vane system (modified to work with a Raymarine Tiller Pilot). The later is now our principle self steering system.



Originally she was called Esmerelda and her inside was designed by  her original owner; Herr Seigler, a famous German interior designer (now retired).

She was renamed Mary Constance 'E' by Jean and Paul, Jos's parents who had had five boats previously all called Mary Constance. Why Mary Constance?  Dad inherited a will left to generations unborn  by a man called Benjamin Bennett who married Mary Constance Anstee. It was her dowry which helped create the Bennett estate and thus enabled the purchase of the first boat.

When Dad died in 2003, Mary Constance's fate started to look quite bleak. She lay in Port Gallice directionless for a while. Then it was decided that she should be sold and this was when fate intervened.  Being a family cruising boat she only really appealed to a certain sector of the market and on the Rivera the faster and more plastic a boat is the quicker it sells.  So,  Mum decided to toss a coin between Lovell and I and astonishingly we won her. Thus came the decision of what to do with her. There were three choices; either ship her to Oz - too expensive, get her skippered - too tricky or sail her ourselves. Well the rest as they say is history. And pictured in all her glory above the chart table is the picture of Mary Constance as well as the coin which was so lucky for us.


Mary Constance in the Atlantic

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